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Introducing Anti-Collision Mesh Seat  Barrier 
  •  Protect Precious Backseat Cargo
  •  Net Barrier Fits most cars/vans/trunks/SUV.
  •  Keep your pet at the back and make your drive safe. 
  •  Durable see through mesh, pet's claws won't get caught. 
  •  Long lasting, strong hook in bungee cords.
  •  Protective cover designed won't hurt the dogs.
  •  Easy to Install and Remove with hooks and adjustable strips. 
  •  Can be attached either to the handles above the door or the front seat headrests.
    Waterproof Car Seat Protector 
    • Keeps your car seats clean and free of pet fur. 
    •  Reduce distraction while driving. 
    •  Scratch - Tear resistant polyester 
    •  Back side non slip foam
    •  Washable and waterproof
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